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Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner

The third generation Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner is a user-friendly digital valve positioner for pneumatic control valves.  Utilizing advanced control and diagnostic algorithms, along with field-proven noncontact position sensing technology, the Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner delivers accurate, responsive, and reliable positioning performance.

Product Features

Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner has the following features:

Reliable and Accurate

Build on 20+ years and billions of hours of field-proven valve position sensing technology, control algorithms, and advance performance pneumatic design, extended temperature range down to -55 degC

Increases Plant Efficiency

Online Valve diagnostics – 19 new diagnostics to continuously monitor valve health while the Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner is in operation. Data Storage – up to 1 year of diagnostic data stored within the device – trend and identify valve problems before they impact plant operation. Improved pneumatic performance – 40% reduction in steady-state air consumption, with a 15% increase in air delivery.

Simple and Easy to Use

Simplified commissioning –  “SMART CAL” single button setup and calibration
Improved user interfaces and integration software to all major control systems
One device – a modular platform to support future upgrades
Smart Cal – One-button setup & calibration
User Interface with high contrast graphical display and pushbuttons, rated for operation in Hazardous Areas
NAMUR NE 107 alerts
Universal design for linear and rotary valve applications
The robust, non-contact, shielded magnetic-type travel sensor
Industrial metal housing
Encapsulated and coated electronics
Integrated diagnostics: Cycle counts, Step Tests, Ramp Tests, Signatures, as well as system health indicators
Onboard valve position feedback and limit switches
Stainless steel mounting brackets for any valve actuator combination, fully backward compatible to SVI II AP / SVi1000 brackets
Explosionproof AND Intrinsically Safe Universal label with ETL (US/CA), ATEX, IEC approval (regional approvals pending)
HART ® 7 communication compliant

Product Parameters

Model Masoneilan SVI3
Weight 3.3kg
Note  Per API RP 14F
Materials I/P Motor and Relay – composite polymers and stainless steel (300 & 400 series)
Mounting Kit – stainless steel (300 series)
Input Power and Signal Min/Max current: 3.2mA / 22mA
Required Compliance voltage: 9Vdc at 20mA, 11Vdc at 4mA
Termination: Screw-type terminals
Electrical Entries: Two 1/2NPT female
EMC Conformity Standards Meets IEC/EN61326-1 Edition 2
Emission: CISPR11 Class A
Immunity: IEC/EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
EMC 2014/30/EU Directive
Air delivery 410 SLPM (14.5 SCFM) @ 30psi
Air capacity Loading Cv = 0.66
Venting Cv – 0.51
Steady State Air Consumption 2.8 SLPM (5.9 SCFH) @ 30psi
3.4 SLPM (7.2 SCFH) @ 45psi
Housing Case/Cover: Chromated Copper Free (1) aluminum, ASTM A360
Paint: Grey polyurethane with epoxy primer
Protection: IP66 and NEMA 4X

Application and After-Sales Service

Applicable Industries of Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner
Power Generation, Refining, Petrochemicals, Midstream Oil & Gas, Upstream Oil & Gas.
Key Applications: Steam Turbine Generator, Condenser, Cooling Tower, Reactor Building, Turbine Building, Reactor Facility Grounds & BOP, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Balance Of Plant, Distillation, Hydroprocessing  Reforming, Cracking, Secondary, Blending, Quenching & Fractioning, Charge Gas Compression, Seperation, Pipeline Integrity, Operations, Dehydration, Refrigeration, Liquifaction, Loading/Shipping, Regasification, Auxillary, Dehydration/Treating, Compression.

After-Sales Service

Online support and Video technical support.


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