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KOSO 550G Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves

KOSO 550G Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves provides control valves that meet low noise and anti-cavitation requirements by incorporating a multi-hole type cage, instead of the standard cages, in the 501G Series cage guided control valves. KOSO 550G Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves All the parts except the multi-hole cage are interchangeable with the parts of the 501G Series accordingly.

Product Features

The opening and closing parts of KOSO 550G Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves are driven by the valve stem and rotate around the axis of the ball valve.
It can also be used for fluid adjustment and control. Among them, the hard-sealed V-shaped ball valve has a strong shear force between the V-shaped core and the metal seat of the hard alloy surfacing. It is especially suitable for fibers and small solid particles.
And other media.
The multi-way ball valve can not only flexibly control the confluence, divergence, and switching of the flow direction of the medium on the pipeline, but also close any channel and connect the other two channels.
This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

KOSO 550G Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves

1. Wear-resistant: because the valve core of the hard-sealed ball valve is spray-welded with alloy steel, and the sealing ring is surfacing welded with alloy steel, the hard-sealed ball valve will not produce too much wear when it is switched on and off(Its hardness coefficient is 65-70).
2. The sealing performance is good: because the sealing of the hard-seal ball valve is manually ground, it can not be used until the valve core and the sealing ring are completely matched.
Therefore, its sealing performance is reliable.
3. The switch is light: since the bottom of the sealing ring of the hard-sealed ball valve adopts a spring to make the sealing ring and the valve core tightly hug together, the switch is very light when the external force exceeds the pre-tightening force of the spring.
4. Long service life: It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, rockets, and other departments, as well as people’s daily life.

Product Parameters

Product name KOSO 550G Multi-hole Cage Guided Control Valves
Body type 550G: Globe type
Body size 1″(25A) to 18″(450A)
Body rating ANSI Class 150 to 2500, JIS10K to 63K
Fluid temperature -196 to +538°
Connections Flanged (RF,RTJ), Butt Weld, Socket Weld etc.
Body materials SCPH2/WCB,SCPH21/WC6,SCPL1/LCB,SCS13A/CF8,SCS14A/CF8M,etc.
Rangeability 50: 1 to 20:1
Trim materials SUS410/410SS,SUS630/SCS24,SUS316/CF8M,etc.
Flow characteristics Linear, Modified Linear, ModifiedEq%

Application and After-Sales Service

Control valves are mainly used in the following areas:
1. Petroleum equipment
2. Hydropower station
3. Metallurgy
4. Ocean
5. Food and medicine
6. Rural and urban architecture
7. Rural and urban heating
8. Environmental protection
9. Gas
10. Pipeline

After-sales service

Online support and Video technical support.


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