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KOSO PP800 Pneumatic-Pneumatic Positioner

KOSO PP800 pneumatic-pneumatic positioner is the same series as EP800, but its working principle is with pneumatic signal (20 to 100Kpa). KOSO PP800 pneumatic-pneumatic positioner also has double-acting and single-acting types. KOSO PP800 pneumatic-pneumatic positioner can be divided into single-acting PPA800 type and double-acting PPC800. KOSO PP800 pneumatic-pneumatic positioner has a weatherproof shell.

Product Features

(1) It is used in important adjustment systems that require high adjustment quality to improve the positioning accuracy and reliability of the adjustment valve.
(2) Used in occasions where the pressure difference between both ends of the valve is large (△p>1MPa). Increase the output force of the actuator by increasing the air source pressure to overcome the imbalance force generated by the liquid on the valve core and reduce the stroke error.
(3) When the medium to be adjusted is high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, toxic, flammable, and explosive, in order to prevent external leakage, the packing is often pressed tightly, so the friction between the valve stem and the packing is relatively large. Use the positioner to overcome the time lag.
(4) When the medium to be adjusted is viscous fluid or contains solid suspended matter, the positioner can overcome the resistance of the medium to the movement of the valve stem.
(5) It is used for regulating valves with large diameters (Dg>100mm) to increase the output thrust of the actuator.
(6) When the distance between the regulator and the actuator is more than 60m, the positioner can overcome the transmission lag of the control signal and improve the response speed of the valve.
(7) Used to improve the flow characteristics of the regulating valve.
(8) When one regulator controls two actuators to implement split-range control, two positioners can be used to accept low input signals and high input signals respectively, and one actuator will act in low range and the other in high range.

Product Parameters

Product name KOSO PP800 Pneumatic-Pneumatic Positioner
Type PPA800 for single acting PPC800 for Double acting
Input signal 20-100,20-60,60-100kPa
Air supply 140 to 700 KPa
Application Linear-motion Valve/Rotary-motion Valve/Long-stroke Valve
Linearity +/-1.0% +/-1.5%
Hysteresis 0.5% 0.8%
Response Level 0.1% 0.2%
Repeatability 0.2% 0.3%
Air consumption 5Nl/min. at sup.140kPa 15Nl/min. at sup.400kPa
Max. capacity 175Nl/min. at sup.140kPa 400Nl/min. at sup.400kPa
Enclosure Weather proof
Environment temp. Standard:-20 – 80/ Low temp.:-50 – 60/ High temp.:0 to 100 deg.C

Application and After-Sales Service

The main application areas of valve positioners include:
1. Coal gasification project
2. Clean energy gasification unit
3. Electricity
4. Hydrocarbons
5. Water supply and water treatment
6.Pulp and paper
7.Industrial environment
8. Food and beverage
9. Life sciences and other fields

After-sales service

Online support and Video technical support.


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