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Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 420

Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 420 is a newly launched product that provides a compact and highly competitive solution for the single-acting, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and non-flammable markets. Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 420 uses advanced piezoelectric technology to ensure excellent performance and reliability. Fl Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 420 can be easily configured via LCD display (not standard), local buttons, handheld HART or ValveSight DTM software. Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 420’s main application industries are: electric power, chemical industry, water conservancy, general industry and oil and gas.

Product Features

• Installation and operation ease assured by one-button calibration, easy user
interface, LCD screen and ValveSight DTM software
• Greater accuracy and reliability made possible by precision components, inner
loop control and advanced control algorithms
• Comprehensive online diagnostics and intuitive health display
• Explosion-proof compliance with Class I Division 1 and ATEX Ex d installations,
intrinsically safe design certified for Class I Division 1 and Ex ia applications, plus
non-incendive approvals

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The Logix 420 digital positioner is a two-wire 4-20 mA input digital
valve positioner which uses the HART protocol to allow two-way remote communications. The positioner is completely powered by the 4-20 mA input signal. Start-up current must be at least 3.8 mA. The positioner is configurable through the local user interface, hand-held or DTM. The Logix 420 positioner can control single-acting pneumatic actuators with linear or rotary mountings.
The Logix 420 digital positioner is an electronic and pneumatic closed loop feedback instrument. Logix 420 positioner installed on a single-acting linear actuator for air-to-open action.

Product Parameters

Product Name Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 420
Power Supply Two-wire, 4-20 mA

10.0 VDC terminal voltage

Input Signal Range 4 – 20 mA (HART)
Compliance Voltage 10.0 VDC @ 20 mA
Effective Resistance 500 Ω @ 20 mA Typical
Minimum Required Operating Current 3.8 mA
Minimum Input Pressure 1.5 Bar (22 PSI)
Maximum Input Pressure Single Acting Relay – 6 Bar (87 PSI)
Output Pressure Range 0 to 100% of air supply pressure
Feedback shaft Rotation Min 15°, Max 90°

45° recommended for linear applications.

Operating Temperature Range -52 to 85°C (-61.6 to 185°F)
Resolution ≤ 0.25%
Linearity +/-1.25%
Repeatability ≤ 0.25%
Hysteresis ≤ 1.0%
Deadband ≤ 0.3%
Sensitivity ≤ 0.25%
Stability ≤ 0.4%
Long term drift ≤ 0.5%

Application and After-Sales Service

The main application areas of valve positioners include:
1. Coal gasification project
2. Clean energy gasification unit
3. Electricity
4. Hydrocarbons
5. Water supply and water treatment
6. Pulp and paper
7. Industrial environment
8. Food and beverage
9. Life sciences and other fields

After-sales service

Online support and Video technical support.


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