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Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 3400MD

Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 3400MD is a digital Foundation Fieldbus positioner with state-of-the-art piezo technology to provide superior performance and reliability. ITK 6.1 certified. Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 3400MD is equipped with ValveSight Diagnostics function.
This advanced valve/actuator/positioner diagnostic equipment can issue an alarm when it detects abnormal conditions that can cause valve failure.

Product Features

• Installation ease assured by automatic calibration and tuning
• Faster diagnostic feedback and summaries made possible by burst mode
• Easily configured using local buttons, FF handheld or ValveSight software
• Function blocks for AO, PID, DI, DO, input selector and output splitter

The Logix 3400MD digital positioner includes FOUNDATION fieldbus electronics for operating in a Fieldbus network as an H1device. It features standard fieldbus function blocks with manufacturer specific additions for enhanced operation. This Logix 3400MD digital positioner is a Link Master device, which means it can function as the backup Link Active Scheduler in a fieldbus network.

In addition to providing the Fieldbus Interface the Logix 3400MD digital positioner can also perform loop control functions. In conjunction with other FOUN DATION fieldbus compliant devices, its function block set allows the formation of an extensive set of basic control applications.

The Logix 3400MD digital positioner in conjunction with any valve will, in essence, form a Fieldbus valve. When configured in conjunction with an Honey well ST3000 fieldbus transmitter a complete control loop can be configured.

Product Parameters

Product Name Flowserve Digital Positioner Logix 3400MD
Power Supply Two-wire, 9 to 32 V DC

FF compatible

IS Fisco compliant
Communications FF Protocol ITK 5.1
Operating Current 18 mA
Operating Temperature Range -40° to 185° F

(-40° to 85°C)

Housing Material Cast, powder-painted aluminum, stainless steel
Soft Goods Buna-N / Florosilicone
Weight 8.3 pounds (3.9 kg) aluminum

20.5 pounds (9.3 kg) stainless steel

Deadband <0.1% Full Span
Repeatability <0.05% Full Span
Linearity <0.5% (Rotary), <0.8%, (Linear Valve) Full Span

Per ISA 75.25.01-2000

Air Consumption <0.3 SCFM (0.5 Nm3/hr) @ 60 psi (4 bar)
Air Supply 30-150 psig (ISA compliant)

Application and After-Sales Service

The main application areas of valve positioners include:
1. Coal gasification project
2. Clean energy gasification unit
3. Electricity
4. Hydrocarbons
5. Water supply and water treatment
6. Pulp and paper
7. Industrial environment
8. Food and beverage
9. Life sciences and other fields

After-sales service

Online support and Video technical support.


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