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Flowserve Digital Positioner D3

Flowserve Digital Positioner D3 is suitable for linear or rotary valves, single or double-acting actuators, and special applications. Flowserve digital positioner D3 has general functions. Flowserve Digital Positioner D3 attaches great importance to safety protection. The Flowserve digital positioner D3 has an explosion-proof enclosure with plug-in modules for limit switches and feedback.

Product Features

• Lower operational cost made possible by zero-bleed pneumatic relay that enables very low air consumption to minimize electricity costs and meet EPA bleed limits for natural gas applications
• Installation and configuration ease enabled by friction clutch, five simple keys and large graphic LCD display
• Broad application versatility with Hart, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, Foundation Fieldbus and industry-leading IEC ISA100 wireless communication technology
• ATEX, IECEx, CSA, FM and SIL 2 approvals available with some configurations

The Flowserve PMV D3 is a digital positioner designed primarily for controlling modulating control valves. The positioner can be used with single or double acting actuators with either rotary or linear movement. The PMV D3 can be equipped with modules for feedback, limit switches and pressure gauges. Pressure sensors can be installed in the pneumatic block to offer advanced diagnostics. The modules can be factory assembled before delivery or fitted later. The modules for feedback and limit switches can contain the following: Feedback 4-20 mA and one of the following functions:
Two mechanical contacts
Two reed switches
Two inductive sensors, EN60947-5-6

Product Parameters

Product name Flowserve Digital Positioner D3
Rotation angle min. 30° max 100°, option 270°
Stroke 5-130 mm (0.2” to 5.1”)
Input signal 4-20 mA DC
Air supply 2-7 bar (30-105 psi)

DIN/ISO 8573-1 3.2.3

Free from oil, water and moisture.

Air delivery 350 nl/min (13.8 scfm)
Air consumption <0.3 nl/min (0.01 scfm)
Electrical connections Screw terminals 2.5 mm2 /AWG14
Linearity <1%
Repeatability <0.5%
Hysteresis <0.4%
Dead band 0.2-10% adjustable
Display Graphic, view area 15 x 41mm (0.6 x 1.6”)
UI 5 push buttons

Application and After-Sales Service

The main application areas of valve positioners include:
1. Coal gasification project
2. Clean energy gasification unit
3. Electricity
4. Hydrocarbons
5. Water supply and water treatment
6. Pulp and paper
7. Industrial environment
8. Food and beverage
9. Life sciences and other fields

After-sales service

Online support and Video technical support.


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