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Fisher 1008 Hands-On Wheel Actuator – Emerson

Fisher 1008 Hands-On Wheel Actuator – Emerson manual handwheel actuators are available for use in throttle type control valve applications that can be manually operated and set. The actuator can be used in almost all standard straight-through or Angle valve body assemblies. The application of the 1008 actuator does not require any special body adapters, resulting in significant cost savings in the future transition from manual to automatic control. Fisher 1008 Hands-On Wheel Actuator – Emerson provides precise manual throttling control. The travel indicator installed on the actuator bracket can visually display the position of the spool at any time.Dial-type spool position indicator is also available.

Product Features:

1.Easy to install and maintain — for 30, 40, and 50 sizes, bracket is mounted to the valve body through a forged steel lock nut.For size 80, brackets are bolted to the body.All sizes are equipped with handwheel devices.
2.Easy to operate – no matter how the spool is acting, the hand wheel turns counterclockwise to open the valve. For sizes 40 and up, two ball bearings are used in the handwheel assembly to assist rotation.A spring – loaded ball lock pin in the handwheel prevents it from rotating due to vibration.

fisher 1078 declutchable manual actuator 6

3.Accurate spool positioning – Fisher 1008 Hands-On Wheel Actuator – Emerson does not rotate, ensuring that each full stroke touches the same seating surface. At the same time, the bracket ensures that the force required for handwheel rotation is not transferred to the valve body.Actuators in sizes 30, 40, and 50 are available with Tejax Model A35 valve position indicators. This indicator allows you to rotate the handwheel to the desired position, rather than guessing. The dial on the indicator is divided into turn number and turn number for quick and easy restoration of preset valve Settings.

fisher 1078 declutchable manual actuator 7

The 1008 handwheel actuator can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at any orientation in between. However, if supplied with a Tejax position indicator (see figure 6), the actuator must be installed in a horizontal position.
When an actuator and valve body are shipped together as a control valve assembly, the actuator is normally mounted on the valve. Follow the valve body instructions when installing the control valve in the pipeline. If the actuator is shipped separately or if it is necessary to mount the actuator on the valve, perform the Actuator Mounting procedures.

Product Parameters:

mm Inch mm Inch N Lbs mm Inch kg Lbs
30 54 2-1/8 10 3/8 7340 1650(1) 19 0.75 6.8 15
40 71 2-13/16 13 1/2 13122 2950(1) 51 2 15.9 35
50 90 3-9/16 19 3/4 29581 6650(1) 102 4 20.4 45
80 127 5 25 1 50042 11250(1) 76(3) 3(3) 45.4 100
32 1-1/4 75620 17000(1)
100 127 5 32 1-1/4 75620 17000(1) 102 4 68.0 150
178 7 51 2 251004 56000(1)

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application of D3 High Pressure Straight Control Valve – Fisher
1. Coal gasification project
2. Clean energy gasification unit
3. Electricity
4. Hydrocarbons
5. Chemicals
6.Pulp and paper

After-sales service
Online support and Video technical support.


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