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EV1000-4T0037G Adapter Motor 3.7kw of Nidec Inverter

EV1000-4T0037G Adapter Motor 3.7kw of Nidec Inverter mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motor, with its stable performance, rich combination of functions, good dynamic characteristics, super overload capacity and incomparable flexibility, in the frequency converter market occupies an important position.And EV1000-4T0037G Adapter Motor 3.7kw of Nidec Inverter widely used in various industrial fields, especially in the elevator, textile, machine tools, lifting transportation and port industries.

Product Features:

Full series of independent duct design, cooling duct and electrical part are separated, reduce the failure rate of electrical part;Compact design, through thermal design and simulation to make small product volume, the volume is only about 70% of the same power of mainstream brands;Graphical keyboard, in line with the operating habits of most people;Operation panel double crystal head standard RJ45 interface, enhance communication anti-interference power, convenient customer extension;The material of the case is solid, and a large number of aluminum and zinc plates and spraying protection design not only ensure good grounding and shielding performance, but also take into account the anti-corrosion performance of the product;Full series DC cooling fan design, reduce the cooling system failure caused by AC fan failure.

EV1000-4T0037G Adapter Motor 3.7kw of Nidec Inverter have following features:

1.Small size, easy to operate
2.Excellent performance
3.A variety of industry-specific functions
4.EV1000-4T0037G Adapter Motor 3.7kw of Nidec Inverter has Excellent adaptability to environment
5.Dust and oil pollution capacity
6.Rich standard configuration
7.Equipped with brake unit

Product Parameters:

Model EV1000-4T0037G
The rated voltage 380V-440V
Rated current EV1000-4T0037G
Range of application General
The output type A one-way
Switch mode PAM controls the frequency converter
Output voltage regulation mode PAM control
The power phase number Three-phase
Product certification ISO9001
Overall dimensions 170mm*125mm*162mm
Product series EV1000-4T0037G
Adapt motor power 3.7kW
Weight 4.0kg
Brand Nidec
Frequency Power frequency
Operating mode of main circuit Current mode
The control mode Current vector
Filter Without filter
The power supply voltage The low pressure
Processing customized No

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application of EV1000-4T0037G Adapter Motor 3.7kw of Nidec Inverter
1. Plastic machinery,
2.Textile machinery,
3.Tobacco machinery,
4.Ceramic machinery,
5.Pharmaceutical machinery,
6.Food machinery/printing machinery,
7.Packaging machinery,
8.Central air conditioning and other special equipment.

After-sales service
Online support and Video technical support.


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